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i have not seen you, talked to you or even looked upon your face in almost two years; but the thought of you still haunts me to this day, and that worries me more than anything. your words still hurt me, even though i cared little for you, as much as i embellished one day we were in the same venue.

you still haunt me. i wish you’d leave.

"You are the hit I need, as it turns out. Fuck does that terrify me. I think when I liked you, really like-liked you, I was delighted to have something that I needed. Something that lit my insides on fire. Now? Now I know I need to quit. I know I have to get my life in order and stop circling back to that stupid habit I have of needing you. Because you earnestly are cocaine-level bad for my mental health."

- (via thereal91)